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Overview of LECO optical solutions for metallography and scientific analysis.

High-purity gas cylinder regulators for LECO elemental analyzers, calorimeters, thermogravimetric analyzers, and spectrometers.

Product brochure for ChromaTOF Tile

KING Tester Corporation Brinell Indentation Microscope for faster analysis of metallographic samples.

Solutions for Metals Analysis. Browse instrument recommendations for measuring quality and strength of mined minerals and metals.

Solutions for Energy & Fuels Analysis. Browse instruments that are ideal for ensuring existing energy sources and analyzing the fuels of the future.

Solutions for Food Analysis. LECO Instrument recommendations to determine quality and safety through all branches of the food industry.

Solutions for Environmental and Agriculture Analysis. Browse the LECO analytical instruments that can help preserve our world and its resources, helping to ensure the continuation and safety of the world's food supply.

Literature for Identification Grading System (IGS), developed from EPA's Non-Targeted Analysis Collaborative Trial (ENTACT). LECO's IGS works with ChromaTOF® software.

Online Training for a Simpler Transition

Instrument Training Options for Separation Science

Sample Containers and Crucibles For Organic Analysis

Precision balances for elemental determination sample preparation 

Fiber Optic illumination source for microscopes and scientific analysis equipment

Cannabis Questions? More Answers in One Injection GCxGC-TOFMS

L-PAL3 is an automatic sample loader for Pegasus Gas Chromatography instruments.

LECO GCxGC-TOF-MS Instruments for Metabolomic Solutions

Compare ANSI and FEPA standards for micron size.

How does Gas Chromatography Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry work?

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