Analytical Technical Presentations

Take a closer look at technical posters from Pittcon and other conferences. To download a PDF of a technical presentation, hit the “click here” button next to your selection. On the next page, you will be asked to choose to either download or view the poster. Follow the prompts on your computer, as settings may vary.


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DownloadNameLECO Ref. #
Click Here Coal Ash Fusibility Using the Measured Softening and Hemispherical Temperature MM-Pcon09 LPO-001
Click Here Combustion Method Optimization Nitrogen/Protein in Food and Feeds  FS-Pcon19 LPO-017
Click Here Combustion Nitrogen Protein Determination in Food Matrices Using a Macro Sample Mass MM-Pcon10 LPO-006
Click Here Direct Moisture Determination of Food and Feed Samples; Comparing Automated TGM and Air Oven LOI Techniques  AD-Pcon18 LPO-015
 Click Here Direct Moisture Determination Various Grain/Seed Products TGM800  SA-Safrica_LPO-018
Click Here Evaluating Fertilizers TruMac CN NewIcon JMR-EU-LAP2PC2021
Click Here Free Moisture and LOI Determination of Lime, Limestone, Cement Using Macro TGA JG-Pcon18 LPO-013
Click Here Grimm Source at Fifty: In  GDS, it Still Starts with the Lamp   AS-Pcon18 LPO-012
Click Here Maximum Sample Throughput Lowest CPA Total Protein FP628 FS-Pcon16 LPO-008
Click Here Moisture Total Solid Determination Milk-Based Products TGM  JL-Pcon19 LPO-016
Click Here Moisture Loss-on-Drying Cannabis RC/TGM  JG-Pcon20 LPO-019
Click Here Moisture Loss-on-Drying Meat TGM  JL-Pcon20 LPO-020
Click Here Monitoring FGD Solids in TGA MM-Pcon15 LPO-007
Click Here MVA Biofuels TGA801 NewIcon MJ-EU-LAP2PC2021
Click Here Optimizing Total Protein Combustion Lowest CPA TruMac   MM-Pcon17 LPO-009
Click Here Pretreating Biomass TGA701 NewIcon MT-EU-LAP2PC2021
Click Here Reconciling Differences in Coal and Coke Volatile Matter Yields Determined by Two ASTM Methods MM-Pcon10 LPO-005
Click Here Sulfur Fertilizers S832DR AD-AOAC17 LPO-011
Click Here TOC Soil Rock Samples Elemental Analysis  JG-Pcon17 LPO-010
Click Here Total Sulfur in Dry Distiller Grains MM-Pcon09 LPO-002
Click Here Total Sulfur in Dry Fertilizers MM-Pcon09 LPO-003
Click Here Total Sulfur Determination in Refractory Samples   AD-Pcon18 LPO-014
Click Here Ultimate Analysis and Gross Calorific Value in Biomass Derived Fuels
MM-Pcon09 LPO-004

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