Our innovative Multi-Mode Source (MMS) takes the advantages of three common ionization modes - Electron Ionization (EI), Positive Chemical Ionization (PCI), and Negative Chemical Ionization (NCI/ENCI) - and combines them into one easy-to-use source. Pair with Pegasus GC-HRT+ or Pegasus GC-HRT+ 4D. LECO Ref. #209-295

Our fully-automatic mounting press, the MX400, provides faster, more sophisticated sample mounting. LECO Ref. #209-277-001

Find speed, versatility, and durability in LECO's MX500, a fully-automatic, easy-to-use, dual-mount mounting press. LECO Ref. #209-277-002

Simplify complex microscopy tasks with the Olympus BX53M Upright Microscope. Users can get the most of this microscope without the need for extensive training and the easy, comfortable operation improves reproducibility by minimizing human error. LECO Ref. #209-253

Meet the new compact solution for professional digital imaging in microscopy: the Olympus DP12 microscope digital camera. This system can operate without a computer; a control unit allows video output or storage on SmartMedia cards. LECO Ref. #209-128

Useful in a wide range of applications, the Olympus GX53 Inverted Microscope enables users to inspect polished metals and cross-section samples by placing the upside down on the stage. Samples do not need to be leveled, and can be thick, large, or heavy. LECO Ref. #209-264

The Olympus SZ Series Stereomicroscopes offer enhanced optical systems to enhance user comfort while working with stereo microscopes, leading to more precise and consistent results. The SZX7 utilizes Galilean optical system; SZ51 and SZ61 use Greenough optical systems. LECO Ref. #209-156

The Olympus SZX series Research Stereomicroscopes (SZX16 and SZX10) enhance the efficiency required for cutting-edge industrial research and development or quality analysis. LECO Ref. #209-181

Overview of LECO optical solutions for metallography and scientific analysis. LECO Ref. #203-987

Information on the Powervar Security Plus Series uninterrupted power source (UPS) available for Pegasus® instruments. LECO Ref. #209-261

Let your data soar with the LECO Pegasus® series of Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometers. The Pegasus BT is the first benchtop Gas Chromatography Time-of-Flight mass spectrometer to deliver higher sample throughput, better chemical information, and lowered maintenance costs. LECO Ref. #209-300

Let your data soar with the LECO Pegasus® series of Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometers. The Pegasus GC-HRT+ is the ultimate analytical instrumentfor increased confidence in the identification of components in the most complex of samples. LECO Ref. #209-212

Let your data soar with the LECO Pegasus® series of Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometers. The Pegasus GC-HRT 4D combines the highest performance time-of-flight mass spectrometer with the analytical power of comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography (GCxGC). LECO Ref. #209-245

Precision balances for use with LECO elemental determinators. Ideal for everyday use in any laboratory; each model offers a variety of functions for fast and accurate sample measurement. LECO Ref. #209-197

Information on the PX Series metallographic grinder and polishers. Standard and Automatic models are available, supporting up to 12-inch (300 mm) grinding and polishing wheels. PX400 models: PX400A1, PX400A2, PX400S1, PX400S2; PX500 models: PX500A2. LECO Ref. #209-254

The PX300 Grinding and Polishing series emphasizes ease-of-use while delivering specimens that are ideal for microhardness or microstructural analysis. LECO Ref. #209-254-003

The QuadJet SD is a benchtop GCxGC solution, utilizing the sensitivity of flame ionization detection (FID) combined with the increased chromatographic resolution found in two-dimensional gas chromatography. LECO Ref. #209-184

Get fast, reliable carbon and water determination with the RC612 multiphase determinator. LECO Ref. #209-176

LECO's RHEN602 hydrogen analyzer is designed to provide you with increased stability, accuracy, and convenience in analyzing aluminum and other metals, refactories, and inorganic materials for hydrogen. LECO Ref. #209-178

Separation Science Service and Support for USA customers.

SmartLine® provides LECO instrument users with an online support connection between an instrument and LECO's Global Support Center, allowing trained specialists remotely operate on your instrument. Save time and increase productivity with this remote service. LECO Ref. #209-107

Harness the power of accurate mass and high-resolution mass spectrometry with Spectral Analysis Tools (SAT). Paired with Pegasus® GC-HRT+ and ChromaTOF® software, this toolkit streamlines the identification and quantitation of heteroatomic species in either GC or GCxGC data. LECO Ref. #209-262

Ideal for low- to medium-volume metallographic labs, the Spectrum System 1000 (SS1000) Grinding and Polishing system provides a dual 8-inch (200mm) wheel design. LECO Ref. #203-960

LED illumination source with numerous light attachments for microscopes and scientific analysis equipment. LECO Ref. #209-065

Benchtop sectioning machine for metallographic sample preparation. LECO Ref. #209-259-001

Literature for LECO TC400-Series Nitrogen and Oxygen Determinators. LECO Ref. #209-165

The TGA801 is an automated macro thermogravimetric analyzer that provides high-precision, accurate analysis, of up to 19 samples. LECO Ref. #209-273

TGM800 is a high-precision, automated thermogravimetric moisture determinator that uses a direct method that replaces labor- and time-intensive loss-on-drying analytical techniques. LECO Ref. #209-265

How does Gas Chromatography Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry work? Informational overview of GC-TOFMS Technology. LECO Ref. #209-249

Determine elemental quantities within micro samples with TruSpec® Micro. There are two primary configurations: TruSpec CHN (Carbon, Hydrogen, and Nitrogen) and TruSpec CHNS (Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, and Sulfur). An available Micro Oxygen add-on module works with both configurations. LECO Ref. #209-190

LECO Cornerstone Tube Furnaces (TF) are versatile, energy-efficient resistance furnaces designed for baking crucibles to reduce contaminants that might interfere with analytical results. Two (TF2) and Four (TF4) furnace options are available. LECO Ref. #209-255

The VC50 Precision Saw, equipped with a diamond-tipped blade, is ideal for precise sectioning of ceramics, minerals, metals, and eletronic components up to 1.5-inch (38mm) in diameter. LECO Ref.  #200-952

Vibration isolation platforms for sensitive equipment. Recommended for microscopes, hardness testers, and sensatiive inspection or analytical equipment. LECO Ref. #209-055

Compact and practical, the VX4 Inverted Microscope is great solution for any metallurgical laboratory. Examine mounted and unmounted samples clearly and with ease. LECO Ref. #209-291

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