As laws and regulations change, cannabinoids and related compounds of interest are showing up in a wide variety of consumer products. LECO's gas chromatography mass spectrometers empower labs to simplify their workloads by screening for pesticides, terpenes, and cannabinoids in a non-targeted, more efficient way. Thermogravimetric moisture analyzers allow researchers to develop accurate methodology for determining moisture content in the organic material.

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Recorded Webinars

Editors' Series: Exploring Chemical Constituents in Cannabis Using Nontargeted GC and GCxGC with TOFMS

Cannabis is difficult to analyze due to its chemical diversity and the wide concentration ranges of its constituents. This diversity is important in determining its utility, potency and medicinal effectiveness. Julie Kowalski [JA Kowalski Science Support] discusses using GCxGC TOF-MS to determine constituents (such as cannabinoids, terpnes, flavonoids, and contaminants) in cannabis samples. On-demand webinar.

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Developing Methodology for Moisture Determination in Cannabis

Jeff Gast [LECO] presents an approach for determining proper temperature and analytical gas composition to provide the most accurate moisture value in cannabis, utilizing the RC612 and TGM800. Originally presented 02 April 2020.

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Characterization of Beverage Products Containing Cannabidiol (CBD) by GCxGC TOF-MS

Liz Humston-Fulmer [LECO] utilized GCxGC TOF-MS technologies to understand the chemical composition of CBD-infused beverages. Originally presented 26 March 2020.

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Cannabis Potency Testing and Terpene Profiling using GCxGC TOF-MS

Dave Alonso explores GCxGC TOFMS analysis of cannabis samples for understanding of terpene and cannabinoids among cannabis cultivars. Presented 16 April 2020.

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Additional Resources

Explore articles and other resources on how LECO instruments can highly impact a lab's productivity in cannabis research.

Fingerprinting the Terpene Profiles of Various Cannabis Strains using GC and GCxGC with High Performance TOF-MS

Cannabis is a complex mixture of terpenes, cannabinoids, flavinoids and more. The total composition is important in determining potency and medical effectiveness. This poster explore the analytical approach utilized for effective characterization of terpenes in differnet cannabis strains. Circa 2018.

LECO Ref. #: DA PCON18 LPSS-236 Instrument(s): Pegasus BT 4D Presenter(s): Dave Alonso, Julie Kowalski, Joe Binkley
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Determination of Moisture/Loss on Drying in Cannabis by Various Analytical Techniques

Moisture content in cannabis plays a vital role in aspects of growing and distribution of industrial or recreational use. This poster circa 2020 demonstrates the use of multiple techniques to establish an optimal gravimetric moisture/loss on drying determination method for cannabis.

LECO Ref. #: JG PCON20 LPO 019 Instrument(s): TGM800, RC612 Presenter(s): Jeffrey Gast, Adam Darling, Lloyd Allen
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Comprehensive Untargeted Screening & Quantitation of Pesticides in Cannabis using GCxGC and High Performance TOF-MS

This poster examines how quantitation and untargeted peak detection GCxGC methods can help laboratories determine cannabis potency as well as contamination from pesticides (circa 2019).

LECO Ref. #: SP ASMS19 LPSS-273 Presenter(s): Todd Richards, Joe Binkley, Lorne Fell
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Analysis of Cannabis [Chapter Six] - Improving Cannabis Differentiation by Expanding Coverage of the Chemical Profile with GCxGC TOF-MS

Chemical profiling of cannabis samples may be useful for predicting therapeutic potential, and has applicability in quality control, product development, and determining regulatory compliance. Non-target analytical methods are well-suited for providing information for complex samples.

Note: This chapter can be purchased independently, or may be available with membership to certain institutions.

Presenter(s): Elizabeth Humston-Fulmer, Dave Alonso, Joe Binkley
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Advancing Cannabis Testing with GC-MS [LCGC]

In this eBook partnership with LCGC, explore how Gas Chromatography can help laboratories characterize cannabis and analyze terpenes using headspace solid-phase microextraction, and more. From 31 October 2019.

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