ChromaTOF® is a robust software suite that eases the understanding and processing of gas chromatography and mass spectrometry data. ChromaTOF works automatically with the Pegasus GC-TOFMS instruments, turning your data into usable information. ChromaTOF Tile speeds up data analysis by isolating peaks of interest with Fisher-based tile ratios. The Idenfication Grading System (IGS) allows users to compare data against known analytes to help quickly identify compounds in their samples.


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Recorded Webinars

Higher Library Match Confidence with IGS

History and development of LECO Identification Grading System (IGS), developed from involvement in EPA's Non-Targeted Analysis Collaborative Trial (ENTACT). Presented by Todd Richards, LECO Separation Sciences Service Manager, as part of the LECO 2020 GCxGC Symposium.
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ChromaTOF Spectral Analysis Tools

Dave Alonso, LECO Applications Chemist, introduces webinar attendees to the Spectral Analysis Tools within the ChromaTOF software. Originally presented as a segment of the LECO 2020 GCxGC Symposium. Create Mass Defect, Ring Double-Bond Equivilent, and Van Krevelen data plots.
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ChromaTOF Retention Index

LECO Applications Chemist, Liz Humston-Fulmer, discusses the Retention Index functionality of ChromaTOF GC-MS data analysis software. This webinar was part of the LECO 2020 GCxGC Symposium.

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ChromaTOF Quantitation Method Setup

In this webinar from the 2020 GCxGC Symposium, Todd Richards (LECO Separation Science Service Manager) demonstrates quantitiation method set-up in ChromaTOF software.
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ChromaTOF Peak Filtering

Christina Kelly, LECO Applications Chemist, demonstrates Peak Filtering within the ChromaTOF software. This webinar was originally presented to LECO 2020 GCxGC Symposium participants.
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ChromaTOF Classifications Tool

Christina Kelly (LECO Applications Chemist) demonstrates how to use the classification tools of ChromaTOF® software. Presented as a portion of the LECO 2020 GCxGC Symposium.
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Related Application Notes

Discovering the Scent of Celery

LECO Ref. #: 203-821-536  |  Instrument(s): Pegasus BT, ChromaTOF

Application Note: Beer Aging at Storage Temperatures

LECO Ref. #: 203-821-590  |  Instrument(s): Pegasus BT


Introducing: ChromaTOF Tile

ChromaTOF Tile was introduced to LECO customers during the 2021 North American GCxGC Symposium. The following demonstrations were part of the introduction:

Introduction to ChromaTOF Tile

Introduction and overview of ChromaTOF Tile, introduced to LECO customers in the 2021 LECO North American GCxGC Symposium.
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Introducing ChromaTOF Tile: Versatility

ChromaTOF Tile versatility demonstration from 2021 LECO North American GCxGC Symposium.
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Introducing ChromaTOF Tile: Chemotype Differentiation

ChromaTOF Tile demonstration, "Cannabis Data Processing using ChromaTOF Tile" from 2021 LECO North American GCxGC Symposium.
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ChromaTOF-GC Legacy Version

ChromaTOF-GC is the legacy version of the LECO ChromaTOF software, previously included with Pegasus® products. Used by industry leaders for over 15 years, ChromaTOF-GC supports GCxGC deconvolution, visualization, and reporting.

  • True Signal Deconvolution, Automated Peak Find, and Extended Range Calibration algorithms
  • Enhanced graphics for GCxGC users, including the option of displaying peak labels and peak markers on contour and surface plots
  • Importable ready-to-use workspace templates for access to preferred user interfaces and reduced set-up times
  • Semi-Quantitative Analysis for the reporting of non-calibrated compounds
  • Automatic tuning within user-defined quality control methods
  • Integrated control of a variety of sample handling options from Gerstel, LEAP, Shimadzu, and Agilent
  • Fully-integrated optional environmental report designerCustomizable user interface
  • Automatically export data to PDF, CSV, ANDI MS, NETCDF, or Raw file formats
  • Compatibility with LECO's consumable-free GCxGC thermal modulator
  • Classification development toolsCapacity for files up to 4 GB and compatibility with Windows operating systems
  • The LECO/Fiehn Metabolomics Library features over 1,100 spectra of 700 unique metabolomics for metabolite identification in your most complex samples.
    • Fully integrated within ChromaTOF, the library works seamlessly with the software's Library Search function to automatically identify potential analyte matches without the need for importing or exporting data.


ChromaTOF-related Compliance Documents

 EIT Section 508 Statement

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