The advantages of helium as a carrier gas for mass spectrometers have long been known, but it is a limited natural resource with varied supplies and expenses. On the other hand, hydrogen gas generators can be installed in any lab for a constant supply and, conveniently, increased chromatographic speeds.

Expedite GC Analysis with Hydrogen

Helium is becoming an increasingly limited natural resource; using Hydrogen to achieve increased chromatographic throughput in GC applications is attractive. Both have advantages and disadvantages. LECO experts investigated the use of Hydrogen as a carrier gas for GC-TOF-MS analysis. Nick Jones, LECOs Global Application and Development Director (Separation Sciences) presents the method transfer approaches used, the technological benefits, and application examples in the presentation below.

This presentation was part of the Enhanced GC-MS Workflow Solutions webinar LECO presented on 30 November 2022. A series of presentations explored best approaches to enhance one- and two-dimentional gas chromatography applications. Interested individuals can watch the webinar in its entirety, or may choose to view the individual portions:


GCxGC Analysis with ChromaTOF Tile

Explore how software solutions can save a lab time and resources with GCxGC-TOFMS analysis, utilizing ChromaTOF Tile.

Watch 'GCxGC Analysis with...' webinar

GC-MS Analysis utilizing ChromaTOF Sync

LECO brings data comparison technology into one-dimensional gas chromatography (GC) analysis. See how ChromaTOF Sync analyzes and compares flavor and aroma samples.

Watch 'GC-MS Analysis...' webinar

Discovery Workflow Best Practices for Environmental Contaminants

High-Resolution TOF-MS and GCxGC technologies offer a powerful combination for non-targeted environmental contaminant and pollutant analyses. The Pegasus HRT+ 4D with Multi-Mode Source can help a lab improve indentification of unknowns with higher confidence.

Watch 'Discovery Workflow...' webinar

Are your key analytes buried under your food matrix? That's easily resolved with comprehensive GCxGC and TOF

Pegasus BT FLUX with L pal 3 outlinedEven the best-trained experts can only move as fast as their equipment will allow.

LECO's Pegasus® mass spectrometers are designed for Fast GC. Our instruments offer the full speed that TOF-MS analyses are known for without sacrificing the sensitivity you need. The StayClean® Ion Source means you never have to slow down to clean your machine.

How many sample runs can you fit into your day?

With a few simple changes, LECO's Pegasus BT can drastically speed up gas chromatography throughput. A faster time-of-flight analysis doesn't need to mean lower quality results.

Learn how to achieve quicker results with our poster: "Utilizing unique TOF-MS technology and hydrogen carrier gas for fast GC-MS"

Could your lab speed up its GC analysis?

LECO offered the Designed for Speed: LECO's Fast GC Forum in October 2021. In this forum, a panel of experts explored advancements in gas chromatography and mass spectrometry technology and how laboratories can speed up their analysis. This webinar is available for on-demand viewing.

Learn more and View 'Designed for Speed'

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