Elemental and Thermal Analysis

Explore technical posters from previous conferences, including Pittcon. The presentations on this page relate to LECO's Elemental and Thermal Analysis instruments.

View or download the presentations below.

Combustion Nitrogen Protein Determination in Food Matrices Using a Macro Sample Mass. Pittcon 2010.

MM-Pcon10 LPO-006

Moisture Loss-on-Drying Cannabis RC/TGM. Pittcon 2020.

LECO JG-Pcon20 LPO-019.

MVA Biofuels TGA801. LECO Europe Analytical Analysis Poster Competition 2021.


Direct Moisture Determination of Food and Feed Samples; Comparing Automated TGM and Air Oven LOI Techniques. Pittcon 2018.

AD-Pcon18 LPO-015

Evaluating Fertilizers TruMac CN. LECO Europe Analytical Analysis Poster Competition 2021.


Free Moisture and Loss-on-Ignition Determination of Lime, Limestone, Cement Using Macro TGA. Pittcon 2018.

LECO JG-Pcon18 LPO-013

Grimm Source at Fifty: In GDS, it Still Starts with the Lamp. Pittcon 2018.

AS-Pcon18 LPO-012

Maximum Sample Throughput Lowest CPA Total Protein FP628. Pittcon 2016.

LECO FS-Pcon16 LPO-008

Monitoring FGD Solids in TGA. Pittcon 2015.

LECO MM-Pcon15 LPO-007

Optimizing Total Protein Combustion Lowest CPA TruMac. Pittcon 2017.

LECO MM-Pcon17 LPO-009

Ash fusion temperatures give indication to softening and melting behavior of fuel ash. This poster discusses different temperatures for the initial deformation, softening, hemispherical, and fluid stages of Ash Fusion determination.

LECO Europe Analytical Applications Poster Competition 2021.


Pittcon 2009. LECO MM-Pcon09 LPO-003

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