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Coal Reference Material

P/N: 502-831, 502-832, 502-833, 502-834, 502-835, 502-836, 502-837, 502-838, 502-839

Analysis of total organic carbon (TOC) in soil and rocks using three elemental analyzers: C744/C844, C832, RC612

The 832 Series combustion analyzers offer numerous models for the determination of carbon and sulfur: S832 (Sulfur); C832 (Carbon); SC832 (Sulfur and Carbon); S832DR (Sulfur, Dual-Range); SC832DR (Sulfur and Carbon, Dual-Range); S832HT (Sulfur, High-Temperature); and SC832HT (Sulfur and Carbon, High-Temperature). Ref. #209-244

Determination of Total Organic Carbon in Soil, Rock, and
Shale by Acid Digestion and Combustion

Analyze organic samples for Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, and Sulfur, with the power of both the 832 Series and the 828 Series, with the CHN828 with S832 Add-on. LECO Ref. #209-299

Pair the CS744 or CS844 with the S832 for complete Sulfur and Carbon determination in your laboratory. LECO Ref. #209-297

Consumables and Spare Parts identification for LECO Organic Analysis instruments, including: 828 Series, 928 Series, AC500, AC600, AF700, SC832 Series, TGA801, TGM800, TruSpec Micro, and the Micro Oxygen Add-on Module. 

Associated Documents: Sample Containers and Crucibles for Organic Analysis

SC832 Reference Card. LECO 203-104-063.


SC832: Sulfur and carbon analysis of ash, iron ore, and soil SC832
SC832: Sulfur and carbon analysis in hydrocarbons
S832 and S832DR: Analysis of Sulfur in Coal and Coke
SC832: Sulfur and carbon analysis in coal coke
S832: Sulfur Analysis in Fertilizer

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