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Coal Reference Material

P/N: 502-831, 502-832, 502-833, 502-834, 502-835, 502-836, 502-837, 502-838, 502-839

Analysis of total organic carbon (TOC) in soil and rocks using three elemental analyzers: C744/C844, C832, RC612

The 832 Series combustion analyzers offer numerous models for the determination of carbon and sulfur: S832 (Sulfur); C832 (Carbon); SC832 (Sulfur and Carbon); S832DR (Sulfur, Dual-Range); SC832DR (Sulfur and Carbon, Dual-Range); S832HT (Sulfur, High-Temperature); and SC832HT (Sulfur and Carbon, High-Temperature). Ref. #209-244

Analyze organic samples for Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, and Sulfur, with the power of both the 832 Series and the 828 Series, with the CHN828 with S832 Add-on. LECO Ref. #209-299

Pair the CS744 or CS844 with the S832 for complete Sulfur and Carbon determination in your laboratory. LECO Ref. #209-297

Consumables and Spare Parts identification for LECO Organic Analysis instruments, including: 828 Series, 928 Series, AC500, AC600, AF700, SC832 Series, TGA801, TGM800, TruSpec Micro, and the Micro Oxygen Add-on Module. 

Associated Documents: Sample Containers and Crucibles for Organic Analysis

SC832 Reference Card. LECO 203-104-063.

SC832: Sulfur and carbon analysis of ash, iron ore, and soil SC832
SC832: Sulfur and carbon analysis in hydrocarbons
S832 and S832DR: Analysis of Sulfur in Coal and Coke
SC832: Sulfur and carbon analysis in coal coke
S832: Sulfur Analysis in Fertilizer

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