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Browse the product brochure for the 844 Series combustion analyzers for carbon and sulfur, including models: CS844 (Carbon and Sulfur); C844 (Carbon); and S844 (Sulfur). LECO Ref. #209-214

Determining the amount of carbon and sulfur in iron, steel, nickel, and cobalt alloys represents two major quality metrics for these materials. The CS844 utilizes a high-efficiency induction furnace to quickly break down these materials and allows rapid determination of carbon and sulfur. LECO Ref. #230-821-423

Pair the CS744 or CS844 with the S832 for complete Sulfur and Carbon determination in your laboratory. LECO Ref. #209-297

CS844 Series Consumables & Spare Parts Reference Card. LECO 203-104-056

CS844: Effect of baking crucibles on carbon and sulfur analysis values
CS844: Carbon sulfur analysis in lime and dolomite
CS844: Carbon sulfur analysis in fluorite
CS844: Carbon Sulfur Analysis in Metal Ore
CS844: Carbon-sulphur analysis in steel, nickel and cobalt-based samples
CS844: Carbon sulfur determination in copper
CS844: Sulfur Analysis in Copper Ore Concentrate

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