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Determine Oxygen or Nitrogen through Inert Gas Fusion with the 736 Series. Models include: ON736 (Oxygen and Nitrogen), O736 (Oxygen), and N736 (Nitrogen). LECO Ref. #209-237

不活性ガス融解 酸素窒素分析装置
736 series ON analysis in steel with Helium (He) and Argon (Ar) carrier gas

Determining oxygen and nitrogen in solid iron, steel, and nickel- and colbalt-base alloys

Oxygen and nitrogen determination in refractory metals and their alloys

Consumables and Spare Parts identification for LECO Inorganic Analysis instruments, including: 230 Series, 736 Series, 744 Series, 836 Series, 844 Series, DH603, GDS850, GDS900, RC612, RHEN602.

ON736: Oxygen and nitrogen analysis in refractory metals

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