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Product brochure for LECO AC600 Semi-Automatic Calorimeter, to measure calorific values of various organic materials. LECO Ref. #209-192.

AC600 Reference Card. LECO 203-104-052.

The gross calorific value of biomass materials is most often used when calculating the total calorific value for a biomass quantity for fuel purposes. Gross calorific values are used to calculate thermal efficiency, mass, and/or volumetric heat of combustion. The LECO AC600 Isoperibol Calorimeter can be utilized to find this value.

Consumables and Spare Parts identification for LECO Organic Analysis instruments, including: 828 Series, 928 Series, AC500, AC600, AF700, SC832 Series, TGA801, TGM800, TruSpec Micro, and the Micro Oxygen Add-on Module. 

Associated Documents: Sample Containers and Crucibles for Organic Analysis

AC600: Fuel oil and biomass calorific value measurement
AC600: Calorific value measurement of petroleum coke
AC600: Coal calorific value measurement

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