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It appears that there is an issue with your account connectivity. Don't worry - the website and purchasing system just isn't communicating properly at the moment.

If you could confirm your LECODirect Username and Email address below, we will work to solve the problem. 

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LECO Direct is currently available for U.S.A. consumable orders only.

Passwords must be a minimum of 8 characters and feature both uppercase and lowercase letters.

Multi-Lingual SDS Search

Type in a full or partial LECO Part Number and/or Material.  Then choose a corresponding Country/Region and Language for the SDS document and press the Search button.  All valid results are displayed in the table below.  Each column in the table can be sorted in ascending or descending order by using the arrows in the header row.

Please click on the SDS Number to download the document.  Any SDS document found on the website is our most current copy.

Note:  LECO is currently in the process of updating our online database with US & global SDS documents.  As a result, some files may not be currently available online.

Please contact us for assistance in obtaining an SDS not currently available online.

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