Application Notes

Tea Tree Oil (melaleuca oil) is an essential oil obtained from the Australian Tea Tree (malaleuca alternifolia) that is often used as a fragrance or an addition in health and beauty or cleaning products. Gas Chromatography can assist laboratories with isolating chemical compounds of this oil to ensure it meets ISO standards.

With the rising costs of helium, new approaches to gas chromatography are being explored. LECO utilized hydrogen as a carrier gas in the Pegasus® BT to analyze tea tree oil samples.

Heavy Fuel Oil (also "bunker oil" or "residual fuel oil") is a complex mixture of petroleum hydrocarbons formed as the remnant of distillation and cracking processes. Often used by the shipping industry, heavy fuel oils have becoming more regulated for lower sulfur content. 

Comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography paired with high-resolution time-of-flight mass spectrometry and multiple ionization modes can provide a full characterization of the volatile and semi-volatile compounds in this complex mixture.

Urine, in medical testing, is easily obtained and provides easy insight into an individual's diet and general health. Comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography was utilized to isolate and compare chemical compounds between urine samples of individuals who smoke and individuals who do not.

Non-Targeted and Targeted Aroma Analysis of Name-Brand and Imitation Perfume Samples by GCxGC-HRT

Rapid Screening Analysis for Barbiturates in Human Urine by GC-TOFMS with the Pegasus BT

Biodiesel Samples Derived from Palm Oil and Jatropha Curcas Linn by GCxGC-FID

Improved Identification of Brand-Distinguishing Analytes in Perfume Samples with GCxGC and HRT

Using Bulk Analysis to Characterize the Carbon Gradient in Carburized Steel

Comparison of the Analysis of California Lemon Oil: GC-FID vs. GCxGC-FID

Determining Terpene Profiles of Cannabis Strains Using GC and GCxGC with High Performance TOFMS

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